3 New Technology Aids for #EventProfs


The three applications listed below, feature as finalists in the ibtm and EventMB Tech and Innovation Watch 2016 and we think they are pretty awesome!

Fly Another Day: This calendar-based international booking recommendation engine allows users to search where and when to hold an event so that it doesn’t clash with holidays, tradeshows, festivals, sporting events, elections etc. The date of your event can significantly alter airfares, venue pricing, hotel availability, public transport options for delegates amongst other variables – this is a handy tool to bookmark!



Shoflo: This application allows #eventprofs to create production run sheets, product schedules, lists and docs in real-time from a central, mobilised application with the changes appearing on all devices. Shoflo is the first end-to-end management software focused on the producing and technical planning of an event, where projects can be easily created and managed and changes can be tracked.



EventGeek: This platform is both a website and an app that enables teams to collaborate and manage event logistics. This can include anything from venues, vendors, printing, shipping to travel and budgets. It also plugs into social channels and CRM systems, like Twitter and Salesforce, to measure return on investment and to help boost team productivity. This platform integrates with your other applications such as Slack, Hubspot, Eventbrite, GoToMeetings, Expensify, Salesforce, Zapier, Mailchimp, Google Drive, social channels and more.





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