Our Environmental Policy

What we’re doing to help protect our planet

At Luttrellstown Castle Resort, we are both aware of and dedicated to our legal, ethical, environmental and social responsibilities. That is why we are delighted to be an active participant in Ireland’s Green Hospitality Programme.


As members of this great programme, we strive to protect and promote local biodiversity, buy locally where possible and encourage guests to use local "green" businesses and services. What’s more, we actively encourage our guests to adopt a responsible approach to the environment, without reducing the quality or enjoyment of their visit.


What we’re already doing

In order for us to continue improving our green policy efforts, we have allocated a senior member of staff to oversee our sustainability efforts and ensure that they’re always prioritised. By taking this step, it ensures every one of our team members is educated in our environmental policy.


We currently have a comprehensive waste management policy in place. This helps us manage the generation and segregation of the waste produced across the resort. We continue working hard to monitor and improve our recycling figures.


What we’re doing in 2022

Our goal for 2022 is to create an energy policy for the resort that will see us use 100% renewable energy for all our electricity and gas. We will also be aiming to reduce our single-use plastic usage by 50% and have already replaced all single-use plastic around the resort. For instance, there are no longer any small plastic bottles of shampoo in the resort, while all plastic bottles for water have been replaced with glass refill bottles or replaced with 100% compostable Tetra pack water.

We also aim to reduce our food and waste management by 50% and have already introduced new waste bins throughout the resort. When it comes to cleaning, we now only use 100% chemical-free products throughout the resort. While we have reduced delivery traffic to the resort by 25% and introduced more electric-driven machinery, to improve the air quality around the estate.


Our new partners and charities

We are currently working with the fantastic team at Sustainable Travel Ireland, who are helping us achieve certification for the new processes and facilities we are incorporating throughout the resort. We have also undertaken a number of Fifty Shades Greener educational courses and partnered with Hometree, to plant trees across amongst our 567 acres of lush private parkland. Our new partnership with Clean The World allows us to recycle our extensive amount of soaps and toiletries. While our new filtration system for still and sparkling water was installed with the help of Environmentally Friendly Water. We no longer outsource glass bottles of still and sparkling water.


Biodiversity within the entire estate

Having so much lush green land on our sprawling estate has allowed us to undertake a number of new initiatives to improve the level of biodiversity around us. This includes the introduction of meadow grass; the growth of wildflowers; the clearance of vegetation; the building of nesting boxes; the planting of new trees; the removal of deadwood and the creation of a blueprint map of all the wildlife and habitats within the estate.


Come see it all for yourself

We’re excited about all we’re doing across our 600-year-old estate. We are also looking forward to your coming to see it all for yourself over the course of the year.