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Take a Leap of Faith

Luttrellstown Castle

Take a Leap of Faith

It only happens every four years and not only is it a leap year, but we also have an extra Saturday…what are you going to do?

The Earth takes 365 days 5 hours 48 minutes and 46 seconds to go completely around the sun, (called a solar year). In order to keep the calendar cycle synchronized with the seasons, one extra day is added every four years as February 29.

In Ireland and the UK, Leap Day or Bachelor’s Day was a tradition allowing women to initiate dances and propose marriage. If the proposal was refused, the man was expected to buy the woman a silk gown. This tradition is supposed to originate from a deal that St Brigid struck with St Patrick - Very clever of St Brigid if you ask us!

People born on leap day are often called "leaplings" and most celebrate their birthday on Feb. 28 or March 1 on non-leap years while in the twin cities of Anthony, Texas and Anthony, New Mexico they hold a four-day leap year festival each leap year that includes a huge birthday party for all leap year babies! Now, that sounds like fun!

So, whether you’re celebrating your leap year birthday, are planning a romantic proposal or are just delighted to have an extra Saturday in the month, we wish you a day to remember!

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