Weekend Results 14th & 15th January

Dear Members

Thank you to all for your support of this weekend’s competitions. Despite the heavy frost we still managed to have 52 members play on Saturday with a weekend participation of 89, fantastic support from all with special thanks to Peter, Trevor and their teams for ensuring members got to play.

The past weekend marked the introduction of domestic handicap reductions as well category winners and finally the beginning of the Winter League. All of these initiatives are introduced to encourage participation in not only the WL but also Weekend Competitions in addition to providing relevant rewards to those that excel in our weekend competitions.

Please note if there are no 2’s on a particular day the 2’s pot is rolled over to the next week on the particular day, i.e. no 2’s on a Saturday the rollover goes to the following Saturday.

High level status of the WL after the 1st weekend below, see attached break down.

Team Gallacher McGinley Jacklin Olazabal Torrence James Monty Cotton Faldo Woosnam Jacobs Clarke Langer Seve
WK 1 63 63 61 61 59 58 58 57 57 57 55 50 49 46

Weekend Results

Results of Saturday’s Singles Stableford Dated 14th January as follows:  

Overall 1st Brian Bellew (Handicap -16- “14 Hole Adjusted 12”) – 30pts (Countback) (€75 Voucher)
Overall 2nd George Coombes (Handicap -12- “14 Hole Adjusted 9”) 30pts (€55 Voucher)
Overall 3rd Alan O’Connor (Handicap -19- “14 Hole Adjusted 15”) – 29pts (Countback) (€35 Voucher)

Category 1 Eugene Daly (Handicap -12- “14 Hole Adjusted 9”) – 29pts (€30 Voucher)
Category 2 Michael Farrell (Handicap -19- “14 Hole Adjusted 15”) – 27pts (€30 Voucher)
Category 3 Patrick Judge (Handicap -28- “14 Hole Adjusted 22”) – 28pts (€30 Voucher)

We had Two 2’s

Dara Brady & Terry Devitt – 4th Hole. (€52 Voucher Each)

Results of Sunday’s Singles Stableford Dated 15th January as follows: 

Overall 1st Enda Faughnan (Handicap -28- “14 Hole Adjusted 22”) – 34pts (€40 Voucher)
Overall 2nd Michael Quinlan (Handicap -18- “14 Hole Adjusted 14”) 31pts (€30 Voucher)

Category 1 David Heary (Handicap -10- “14 Hole Adjusted 8”) – 30pts (Countback) (€20 Voucher)
Category 2 Robert Emmett (Handicap -13- “14 Hole Adjusted 10”) – 27pts (€20 Voucher)
Category 3 David Curley (Handicap -20- “14 Hole Adjusted 16”) – 28pts (€20 Voucher)

We had no 2’s so €70 is rolled over to next Sunday

Congratulations to all our winners


Upcoming Events:

Saturday: 21st January “Single Stableford” WL 2
Sunday: 22nd January “Single Stableford” WL 2

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Kind Regards

Kieran Fitzmaurice
Competition Secretary
Luttrellstown Golf Club

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