Save The Date: Luttrellstown’s Annual Wedding Showcase

What to do before saying: ‘I do’.

Seating plans have been mentally arranged and rearranged – unsurprisingly, your top table has drastically changed since you left primary school and, indeed, secondary school.

Your palette has, thankfully, gradually matured from egg salad sandwiches to something a little less poignant.

As for the dress design, though there has been plenty of back and forth, you have finally decided that lashings of pink tulle and a floor length veil is just not for you.

Still, as many changes as there have been, you’ve still been dreaming about that special day. And though pink tulle and a horse drawn carriage is definitely off the agenda, a stunning venue is still top of the bill.

Save the date

Bring your your vision to life by taking a trip to the Luttrellstown Exclusive Wedding Showcase, on October 4th. Next Wednesday, between 6.00pm and 8.00pm, prepare to be wowed as you experience the wonder of Luttrellstown.

Safe in the hands of our expert wedding executive, Alanna Ellis King, allow your tweenage, teenage and adulthood dreams to come true, at Luttrellstown.

On Wednesday, 4th of October from our itinerary is as follows:

  • 6pm Light refreshments upon arrival, to wet your appetite for what lies ahead.
  • Explore the estate’s vast grounds at your will or, on request, receive a guided tour from Alanna, our expert wedding executive.
  • View the castle’s 12 privately allocated bedrooms.
  • Indulge yourself in samples of Luttrellstown’s tailored wedding menus, crafted and created by culinary genius, James Tennant.
  • Visit the estate’s two breathtaking ballrooms – a place for you to visualise your first dance with your loved one.

So – whether you’ve been picturing a day in June, where the chilled champagne pours generously and your sleeveless gown, is worn just so, sans wrap, sans cape – and praying to the high heavens – sans umbrella. Or an October afternoon, where the leaves are crisp and, the white wine even more so – you’ll find it at Luttrellstown Estate.

The wait is almost over, but the best is yet to come. To plan your dream wedding, register for the Luttrellstown Exclusive Wedding Showcase today.


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