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Final Five Bedrooms Complete

Luttrellstown Castle

The stunning completion of our bedroom reinstatement

We started the journey of reinstating the final 8 bedrooms in the Castle towards the end of 2019. We finished 3 of these bedrooms before the pandemic hit and not to be deterred, we were able to finally finish the remaining 5 bedrooms at the end of 2020 while still adhering to government health guidelines.

We are really delighted with the collaborative effort between Ventura Design and our own GM Ivan King, in bringing the creative to life, allowing for modernisation whilst still staying true to the history and heritage of the Castle.  As well as the existing 15 bedrooms, the five new rooms ready for guests are the Major Hamilton, the Sequoia, the Woodlands, the Liffey and the Gunroom.

The Major Hamilton

Before being sold to the world-famous Guinness family in 1927, Luttrellstown Castle was purchased by an army major in 1915. Although he only occupied it for three short years before his untimely death, he and his wife looked after it with a great passion. To honour his memory, we have passionately restored this magnificent castle bedroom.

The Sequoia

Our sprawling 567-acre estate of lush private parkland features over 300 species of trees and plants.  However, situated down in the Glen, one tree towers over all of them. In 2004, our magnificent Giant Sequoia (Wellingtonia) was measured by laser and found to be, at over 50 metres, the second tallest of its kind in Ireland. Named in its honour, this snug en-suite bedroom is in a quiet corner of the castle.

The Woodlands

Wealthy bookseller Luke White renamed Luttrellstown Castle to ‘Woodlands’ when he purchased it in 1829. Thankfully, the name was quickly replaced and forgotten. What is far less easy to forget is the feeling that comes from staying in the charming Woodlands bedroom. The moment you enter through its tall historic door, you’ll notice the majestic king-sized bed  Next to it lies a large, high and ornate window that looks out over some of the 567-acres of woodlands that surround the estate.

The Liffey

While our majestic castle has been a proud resident of Dublin since the 15th century, The River Liffey has been around since before Dublin even existed. We are privileged to have one of the world’s most iconic landmarks runs right through our estate, culminating in a 20-acre lake down in the Glen. As a celebration of Dublin’s most famous resident, this cosy and quiet courtyard room is awash with luxury throughout.

The Gunroom

Unique even by Luttrellstown Castle’s exceptional standards, this one-of-a-kind bedroom is actually set inside one of the original 15th-century towers. For centuries, it was the home for residents’ hunting guns and equipment. Today, this lovingly reinstated room contains a number of features that haven’t changed since then. The only thing more distinctive than the curved walls of the room, is the windows set within them.

The Castle and it’s beautiful, bespoke bedrooms are ready and waiting for our guests as soon as we are permitted to open again and we look forward to hosting many a wedding, party and corporate event in the near future.



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