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We’ve Found The Perfect Gift For Even The Most Pernickety Of People!


It’s the ultimate in luxury experience

Making a list, checking it twice and then realising that you have to buy a gift for that person. You know the one. That friend or family member who’s just impossible to buy for.

Year on year, you’ve exhausted all possibilities, from jewellery and scarves to potted plants and obscure artwork (your child’s clay creations count, right?) you’ve given it all.

And still, the question remains, what do you get for the guy or girl who has everything?

Believe it or not, we actually have the answer.

Whether your ‘picky person’ is in dire need of some R&R, enjoys a round of golf or is just a massive foodie, what we’ve got in store is something that will tend to all needs and niches and won’t involve them running to the customer service desk, receipt in tow.

And what is this wondrous gift you ask?

A Luttrellstown Resort gift card of course.

This catch all card (minimum spend €50, more details here) can be used towards any of our luxurious services in both the castle and clubhouse. Perfect.

Better yet, it’s just a couple of clicks away for the weary festive shopper. Hooray!

So what kind of incredible experiences can this glorious pressie offer up? Check out just some of the five star suggestions that your pernickety person can enjoy.

Golf green fees or lunch at La Mora

If your budget is limited, a €50 gift card can still go a long way at Luttrellstown. It’s equivalent to 18 holes on an incredible championship course from November to March for a golf enthusiast.

Or, if the 18 holes isn’t your thing, enjoy a delicious Sunday lunch at La Mora restaurant. The clubhouse’s esteemed restaurant takes inspiration from a mix of Irish and European cuisines and puts on a serious Sunday feast with offerings of €21 for two courses and €26 for three.

Tea for two please

If you’re looking for something more specific, you could also give the gift of afternoon tea (the pleasure of your company is an extra bonus).

Enjoy freshly cut sandwiches, pastries and specialist teas in the stunning antique style Van Stry ballroom of Luttrellstown Castle.

Enjoy a whole table of treats while looking out onto the impressive estate grounds. To up the ante add champagne to your Afternoon Tea at just €62 per person. It’s an experience you’ll both treasure and the perfect chance to have a good chinwag.

Casual catch-ups

Sure, material gifts are nice, but the best moments always occur when surrounded by family and friends. Not spending quality time with our new ice-cream maker (though that’s okay too).

A Luttrellstown gift card can be used towards any of our lavish offerings – such as whiling away an afternoon with food, friends and drinks at the Spike Bar. After all, who can resist a rib eyed steak with a glass of vino and a spectacular view of the Dublin mountains?

Whatever you do, from golf to lunchtime gorging, take a walk in the beautiful grounds of the estate afterwards and make some memories.

Remember: the best presents are ones that you can enjoy too!


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