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Three new bedrooms Complete


Worth the wait – three of our gorgeous new rooms

We are delighted to announce that three of our eight new bedrooms are now complete. Obviously, the reinstatement of these rooms got a bit delayed due to Covid19, but we are on track again and the Ventura Design team are working hard to complete the final five rooms by the end of the summer.

As well as the existing 12 bedrooms, the three new rooms ready for guests are the Lady Granville, The Prince Puckler and Sir Geoffrey.

When Aileen Plunkett’s daughter married the second cousin to Queen Elizabeth II she became Lady Granville and this suite is the largest in the entire castle as it comprises two separate bedrooms with a shared ensuite, perfect for a family.

Prince Puckler was a famous German writer who visited the Castle in 1831. He was so taken by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and this gorgeous room takes inspiration from his memorable words mixing the softest hues of the fabrics and furnishings with the natural light that comes in through the ornate windows.

The Sir Geoffrey Suite is a luxurious homage to the Castle’s founder, Sir Geoffrey Luttrell. The Luttrellstown estate only exists because Sir Geoffrey Luttrell purchased the land while accompanying King John to Ireland in 1210 and to recognise the debt we owe to him, we reinstated one of the largest and most beautiful bedrooms in the magnificent castle that now stands on his demesne.

As always, we are delighted to be working with Ventura Design in bringing our collaborative creative vision to life in these stunning, luxurious, bespoke bedrooms.

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